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About me

I am an artist living and working in the Czech Republic. My paintings, photographs and collages express my emotions, thoughts and moods.  
Although each of us is different, we all have something in common: imagination. 
My goal is to open the imagination, to let the imagination run wild. In my work I like to blend reality and dreams, inspiration from nature and life. The basis of my work is very often a mixture of realism, surrealism and abstraction. Sometimes with a reflection of my inner state of mind.
In my works you will always feel welcome to dreams.

From traditional methods of creation, such as ink, acrylic paint or photography, I have recently increasingly moved to the use of digital techniques. 
Painting on a drawing tablet, creating and combining 2D and 3D spaces, playing with light and colors gives me complete freedom in the creative process. Art should not be boring, it should be beautiful, challenging and full of emotion.
I am continuously developing my style, hopefully keeping it interesting for you. I would be glad if my work would not leave you indifferent.


Thanks for checking out my work! I hope you enjoyed my paintings and wall art.

I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to email me your thoughts and come back again ;)

Thank you for your time

Jirka Svetlik

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